I’m one of those people that will always prefer a controller over motion controls. That said, I love my Kinect, it is revolutionary and fun for just about everyone. Some of you might prefer Sony’s magic wand/lolipop but let’s face it, its more of a wii 2.0

Now that we got that out of the way, Kinect has its problems it is sure accurate and a lot of fun but it requires a large distance for a person or two to enjoy playing without having to move furniture around. I happen to have a cluttered room and rarely play the Kinect because of this issue.

Thankfully, Nyko came up with an outstanding solution, a simple attachment called Zoom which reduces the distance required to play Kinect. This is a game changer for many, its more like bifocals for Kinect, enabling it to have a wider range and a closer angle.

It is pried at only at $29.99 (approx. 8.18o KD) and it looks like it is definitely worth it. I will for sure get it and if you are interested you can buy it from Amazon. The product is set to release on August 23, 2011.