Remember back in the days during your childhood, coloring books was the thing to do and if you were like me, you also liked connecting dot-to-dot drawings and actually think that you accomplished something. Here is a refreshing artist called Thomas Pavitte who decided to come up with such a crazy idea, recreate the Mona Lisa using dot-to-dot.

While that is definitely not new, what is though is the fact that the drawing is so complex and is comprised of 6,239 dots! He created an A0 poster, placed the dots and numbered them digitally then solved the puzzle himself. The result, an amazing artistic re-imagination of the Mona Lisa.

Thomas says that he is unaware if he broke the world record but he did not find any records, he could be the only one in this category and he has certainly outdone himself. Check out the images below and video of the time-lapse.

Time-lapse Video: