The Gears of War: The Board Game, come again? That’s what I thought considering well how on earth do you manage to make such a thing out of a game based on first person shooting. Leaving that aside, the board game is based on the video game but of course plays differently. with up to 4 COG (human) players you get to battle the locust with numerous maps. Each map is consisted with tiles that can be rearranged resulting in a unique map every time you play.

The gameplay is simple, you have a goal and you have to reach it, think of it as turn based fighting, you have cards that let you attack and cards that let you dodge, take cover and revive a fellow friend. The locust are controlled but one of the players based on random cards when their its their turn but the locust team is not playable.

To be honest, I can’t really tell how it plays exactly and whether it is fun or not, but to say the least, it looks interesting. Watch the video for a detailed look at the game.