I’d say the iOS platform is home of the best intuitive puzzle games, and Qvoid proves that. The game lets you control a cube by pushing it from every angle, the objective of the game is simple when you roll a cube you have to roll it over a colored platform and then that side will absorb the color from there you have to roll around and land that same colored side on the same color on the platform.

The challenge is when a side of a cube is colored, it can only land on the same color therefore limiting your options of movement. That challenge is made more intense as levels have varied surfaces that will have you tumbling like a mad man just trying to figure out where to move the cube next. As you progress things get intense and you are presented with more challenge, such as disappearing surfaces, rotating grounds and a whole lot combination of colors.

Onto graphics, normally I prefer 2D games on iPad simply because 3D always gets muddled down, but this game features simple and beautiful 3D graphics. The music in the game is quite fitting as well. The best way to describe this game is simple but amazing and that is always a great thing.

Download App ($1.99) approx. 0.550 KD

The Good:
- Highly Addictive.
- Good Graphics.
- Cute character.
- Plenty of levels.

The Bad:
- Gets tough too early in the game.