I’m very obsessed with sculptures, I love digital art but I’m always eager to have what is on the screen become reality. I’ve featured a couple of companies that creates a replica of “you” whether it was clay or 3D printing. Here’s a different kind of sculpture, a doll that looks like you.

This service is provided by the Clone Factory and again, all the genius comes from Japan. The creators take pictures of your head and print it on a 3D printer, of course it is not simple as I said it, a lot of creativity is involved.

You also get to choose the clothing and such, they even have a “stormtrooper” armor which I think looks amazing. Though amazing from every aspect, the price is high at $1750 approximately 478KD, but if you are looking into 3D printing replicas of yourself, this is the best I have seen so far.

Note: The stormtrooper picture is based of Danny Choo.