I’m a die hard fan of the Resident Evil series, not for the horror factor but for the intuitive gameplay they prove with each new game. The game defined new game mechanics till Resident Evil 4 and 5 which changed how the game plays entirely. A lot of people hated the change due to the fact that it is not what they are used to and this is where the game shifted from survival to action packed gameplay.

I personally love Resident Evil 5 and for their latest installment, they have changed things yet again. The new game is much more fast paced and focus more on co-operative action than survival, think how Gears of War will play in a zombie apocalypse, this is quite it. I’ll have to be honest, I wish they kept it like Resident Evil 5, but I’m gonna have to treat this as if it is a entirely new game, killing zombie hordes is always fun.

The game is set to come out late 2011.


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