I might have overdosed you with Gears stuff, the online part might be average but the single player always came with a bang. I’m one of those people that consider games as an art form, you would never want to have me on your team, because I tend to stare at objects and admire the art even though when someone is in the middle of killing me.

Sorry to tell you, but from the looks of this game, it will have me stare more. OG Slick is a great graffiti artist, he created a few shirts for Gears many months back and he released a video and for a second he said he wish he had the opportunity to decorate walls on Gears of War 3.

Turns out, his dream came true and now the walls of Gears of War 3 are injected with graffiti madness and some cool retro posters. The funny thing is, when I first saw the first video a long time ago, I was hoping it would come true.