So I was hunting through the app store like the app nut that I am, when I saw the newly released Sephora app.

You might find it strange that I would be interested in a make up app since I play video games, but on the contrary, Im actually a girly girl who likes make up and high heels too.

So back to the app, at first glance it seemed like a great app, not to say that it isn’t, its just that there were a lot of inconveniences, such as the interface that would glitch up or the brochure that would take AGES to download.

These issues were really frustrating but once you get past them you realize that this app is actually quite handy. It has a fully interactive brochure of their products, as well as the daily picks by the editors and even video tutorials to help you apply your makeup. All in all, the app was useful and I would continue to use it but I wish they would address the glitches.

Side Note: This review is based on the iPad version.

Download the iPhone version. (Free)
Download the iPad version. (Free)




The Good:
- Interactive Brochure.
- Beautifully Designed Layout.
- Great Tutorial Videos
- Useful Forums

The Bad:
- Glitches In The Interface.
- Very Large Downloads Which Take Ages.