One of my favorite games of all time is Mass effect 1 and 2. The game series is just mind-blowing, very engaging and dramatic. It set the bar for other Role Playing games out there, it was just different and really provided a movie experience with choice. The dramatic game took place in space, something I’ve always been fascinated by and Mass Effect is a adventure on its own.

For the third game in the series, the game continues with Commander Shepard as the main hero and along with your game’s progress from Mass Effect 2. A lot of changes have occurred in the graphics department but I’m looking forward for the most is the combat system.

The video you are about to see was a live video at this year’s Comic-Con where the combat system is improved. Normally you’d have just magic powers and a gun, now it is up close and personal and you can also notice the overly improved cover system which was a bit glitchy before.
The game will come out on March 6, 2012.

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