So it happens that I just watched Zookeeper while not knowing anything about it and I haven’t even seen the trailer before watching the movie. The movie is quite what I expected, starring Kevin James in the lead role with a bunch of talking animals. So, he’s a zoo keeper, likes a girl and the animals teach him how to get her? I think you know where this is going ….. the zoo.

The movie’s plot was very predictable and sometimes the jokes themselves were just so repetitive and you’d find yourself laughing at how weird the joke is rather how good it is, if that makes sense. The movie is made for kids, I’m a grown up but I love kids’ movies, but this one just uses a very familiar package of hollywood movies, give a speech, girl hates you, make a fool of yourself and in this case animals help out, and I won’t spoil the ending as you definitely know where this movie goes.

I don’t recall seeing anything special or even decent about the movie but I have the say the voice acting was too off. A monkey is played by Adam Sandler and the voice just does not fit, not as if we’ve heard animals talk before but it was jut not right, especially when its the same voice he makes in each of his movies. Apart from that, animals shouted instead of talked, that is understandable since they are animals, but it was too loud it gets to your ear drums.

I’m not sure I’d recommend this movie, I usually watch them on airplanes or when half asleep, but this is quite different, I wouldn’t have watched it if I knew it is the way it is now. I’d suggest watching Madagascar instead, they’re animals that speak and it’s good!

The Good:
- Some good jokes.

The Bad:
- Animal Voice Acting is not good.
- Animal costumes and CG are easily distinguishable.
- Plot is predictable.
- unimaginative story.
- over-used cliches.