Pucca’s Restaurant is a cute little time management app where the success of your restaurant depends on your management skils.

You start off with just Pucca cooking in the restraurant then you hire different members of the staff as you advance, all while having the ability to decorate your restaurant to your liking with 9 item categories.

The graphics are super cute and the way the characters are animated always makes me smile.

The creator of this game is MobCrete. This is their first release which really surprised me because the games graphics are so crisp and clean and everything runs so smoothly so I thought they had some experience with apps for some time now.

If your into time management games then I definitely recommend this, but if not then this game is not for you.

Download Now. (Free)

The Good:
- Fancy Graphics with Fully Animated Characters
- Wide Range Of Items To Use.
- Fun Gameplay
- Its Free

The Bad:
- Tutorial Is Lacking
- Very Slow Gameplay At The Start