Like always, we at Chuknum are rewinding the clock to our childhood, you might have been there as well but at least you must know Captain Planet! He was the star of the 1990′s, an environmental super hero that saves the planet.

This show only had 113 episodes but it happens to be one of the more interesting shows I used to watch. It isn’t Marvel nor DC comics, Captain Planet was created based on an idea by Ted Turner. The show was about a group of regular people that have special rings with special abilities, like fire, wind, water, etc. and when their powers are combined they can summon Captain Planet. I wonder who outpowers the other, Captain America or Planet, I guess he is the planet after all.

Now the reason I remembered this show is because I heard that they will be making a movie based on it. I love super hero movies and an environmental hero is not quite regularly seen, we’ll see how it turns out. I’m a bit skeptical on the design part, a blue man with green hair! I guess, we’ve seen men in pjamas and other with green skin, so I guess this could work. The good thing is that this movie will be produced by the producer of Transformers movie.

I’ll leave you now relive memories with Episode 1: