We at Chuknum always appreciate services and products in Kuwait especially when they are developed by young individuals outside the boundaries of a company.

Anyway, a new website called “Photo Lenders” has just been launched by the talented Kuwaiti photographer Khalid Al-Abdulghafoor. The idea of this business is simple, instead of buying supplies for photo shooting, you can just rent them. Anything from high end lenses to lighting, photo lenders can offer you these supplies at a reasonable price.

This is extremely useful for those times you want to take a few pictures with a high resolution or for one-time events that are just too rare and it would be a waste to buy expensive lenses. This is extremely useful when deciding whether to buy certain lenses or not, because we can’t test out lenses in most shops, this website lets you rent and hopefully make you decide whether it is worth buying or not.

You can learn more and start renting at their website www.photolender.com Attached is their official video in Arabic, and I’d like to point out that this service is only available in kuwait at the mean time.