Guys, this one is for you.

I dont know what it is about men but you seem to have a talent for forgetting important dates. I’ve had so many friends feel depressed because their husbands forgot their anniversary / birthday / valentines day / or any other important date you can think of.

Yes, I know what your going to say. “Who cares? Its just a day of the year.” Well, its a woman thing so instead of fighting it just get this app.

MANsaver is the answer to all your memory needs. It’s an app that memorizes important dates for you so you don’t have to. It lets you know when the important dates are coming up, and it even equips you with a romantic quote for the occasion.

Oh and just for the record saying “Everyday with you is valentines day, thats why I didn’t mention it” , doesnt work.

Download now. (Free)




The Good:
- It Will Keep You Alive.
- Its Very Convenient.
- Great Simple Layout.
- It’s Free.

The Bad:
- Needs A Bit More Features.