I’m not usually found of high-end games on iOS devices mainly because 3d objects are always choppy and the games are unplayable with a touch screen device. This game however, does it right and brings back memories of a game I still love called Trials HD. That game was on Xbox Live arcade, which was a side-scrolling game having you control a biker on very challenging levels.

You get to accelerate, reverse and tilt your bike clockwise and counter-clockwise to maintain stability and give you an extra push to play. So, Xtreme Wheels borrows the exact same concept of that game with similar environments and great gameplay. I’ve always wanted to play Trials HD on iPad and no one ever made it, thankfully Xtreme Wheels the closest to its quality on iOS devices.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, you are a biker and you need to cross the stage onto the finish line, well that’s half the story. The stage itself is the challenge, you will be climbing slopes, falling to your death and exploding by barrels all on the way and that is the game’s strongest point, that being challenge. It is addicting and will have you go mad at the same time, but that’s the point.

As for the graphics department, the game looks good and stretches towards what an iOS device can handle. The controls of the game at default are not suitable, I suggest going to the options and changing it so that the tilting of the bike is in 2 separate buttons. Onto sounds, the music choice is annoying and thankfully it can be turned of and it turns out the game is more engaging that way. All that goodness is slaughtered due to the fact that the game only has 20 levels which is ridiculously little and some challenges have to be performed very exact having to rely too much on trial and error. All in all, if we let the fact that the game copies another to the side, this game is worth getting and is a lot of fun.

Download App ($3.99) 1.09KD

The Good:
- Good Graphics.
- Great Gameplay.
- Very Addictive.
- Great Physics.

The Bad:
- Menu design needs work.
- Short, 20 levels.
- Can be frustrating.
- Low-Res Textures.