When I first heard about Falling Skies I was excited first because aliens vs humans is always fun and engaging and second, it is produced by Steven Spielberg. After watching 5 episodes (thats what has been aired so far) I kept on trying to give the show a chance, hoping just maybe its a bread being baked and isn’t ready yet but soon will be. I think the whole concept is fun but I did not quite see the show bringing anything new or refined to the table nor perform it right.

The galactic, dramatic and thrilling idea of aliens invading earth is only visible as a backdrop and the rest is mostly one on one engagements. That is understandable since this is a show but at the same time, these engagements are not interesting at all and if we were to replace the aliens with mannequins I still would think that wont impact the show even by just one bit.

This brings me to another issue which is the aliens themselves, artistically they are uncreative and are sometimes shown as CG animations and others as high-quality suits and it is clearly visible. As far as the story goes, there isn’t anything that keeps you wanting to see more, its more of the desire to know where is it going rather than enjoy it.

I loved “Lost” even though it had a few hiccups at the end, but it was always engaging, it had strong characters and it always turns us mad when an episode ends and we needed to know what happens next. Unfortunately, Fallings Skies does not deliver on that end. All in all, if you’re looking for some alien invasion shows, I suggest watching the very recent show called “The Event” or “Battlestar: Galactica” if you haven’t already.