I’m not a watches person but I love the art that goes into them but I’ve never seen watches designed alongside historical events that the event literally and is physically visible on the design itself. The company behind this genius is Romain Jerome which was founded back in 2004 with one goal capturing the DNA of famous legends by watches. The design of the watches are varied but they all have their equal share of amazement.

They have so much texture and overall look that most watches don’t, the idea behind it is definitely a first. At the moment they have three collections each with half a dozen variations and extra accessories such as pens. Check out the pictures and collections below, and do us a favor and visit their website, as it alone is a artistic phenomena.



Eyjafjallajokull Collection:
This collection showcases power derived from the icelandic volcanic eruption back in 2010. As you can see, it’s all power and I love how it has the design of the lava and rocks.

Moon Collection:
This collection marks the great 1969 the Apollo XI landing on the moon event and as visible, its all astronauts with cool moon influence.

Titanic Collection:
This collection is inspired by an event everyone is familiar about, the twist here is more of an aftermath, as if the watches were found on the ship itself. There are vintage looking ones too.