I love watching Top Gear (yes, I know Im a girl and thats weird) but I have to admit even though Im not a car fanatic I still find this show very entertaining and the guys are hilarious which is more than enough reason to watch the show.

So when I saw the latest episode I couldn’t help but want to share this video with you.

This is a scene where they sort of give you a demo of the soon to be released Range Rover Evoque, “To decide if the new Evoque is a proper Range Rover, or just a big designer girl’s blouse”

Im not really a fan of this car since it kinda feels like the car has a personality disorder, its not exactly a sports car and its not an off roader either, so I wasn’t expecting much from this Range Rover, in fact I thought it was a shame to call it one in the first place, but I was surprised by what I saw on the show.

But to be honest, I stopped paying attention to the Evoque as soon as I saw the amazing buggys at 7:30, I want one of those!

You have to hand it to them, Top Gear has what is probably the best film crew on the planet. Look at that gorgeous scenery and the slow motion shots, spectacular!

Heres the video of the section I talked about along with some images that I took from the footage.