This little gem is Birzzle, a drag and drop puzzle game in which you have to battle the clock to pop the birds. Sounds weird I know but trust me thats a good thing.

Basically its sort of similar to the concept of Tetris, in which you have to destroy the blocks on the screen before they fill up to the top, but instead of blocks you have to line up birds and pop them.

This game has a lot of character and the graphics are excellent but my favorite part has to be the sound effects which are hilarious.

As the game progresses you unlock new birds and you learn to use power ups which you acquire when you pop a group of 5 or more birds simultaneously.

The game is sure to bring you a few laughs and the gameplay is very entertaining, so if you have some time to kill I would recommend this app for sure.

Side Note: I couldn’t find an official trailer so I got this user submitted gameplay video instead.

Download the iPhone version. $0.99 (0.272 KD)
Download the iPad version. $1.99 (0.547 KD)



The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Cute Characters.
- Entertaining Sound Effects.
- Addictive Gameplay.
- Great Price.

The Bad:
- Can Get Repetitive.