Sometimes the love of a hobby literally takes over everything else in your life and with this house it truly reflects the passion of the owner. This house is created by Pierre Andre Senizergues who is the former pro skating champion and as you can see, the love of his profession still lives on.

The house is being designed alongside practicality where everything is made to be skated on, starting from the outdoors, a skater will be able to skate from the outside to inside of the house with ease. The house itself is rounded, the walls, furniture and pretty much any object in the house was made to be skated on.

It is like our child fantasies of having houses built with candy, while I find this very amazing, I want a Marble Slab Creamery house, just because it is that good. It amazes me as well because Pierre whose is the client is also the project leader. The following images is of a working prototype to demonstrate how the house will function.