After you know what this is, you’re gonna dump your car as of now. Aircrafts are big and chubby but never get designs like sports cars do, till now .. meet ICON A5, the only sports aircraft. It has the looks of a beautiful sports car plus it can fly! and it can also land on water.

Did I mention that this is NOT a concept and you can actually purchase it?? It’s going to cost you $139,000 approx. 38,111 KD and yes it is expensive but I see it is worth it since it can fly. What I love most about the aircraft that is is really small and the wings bend, so you can pull it using a truck, chalet? lol. Moreover, this amazing aircraft is a 2-seater with amazing interior as if it was a sports car. Anyway, you can learn more about it here and for now check out the images below.