Let me start off by saying that this review doesn’t have any spoilers so you can rest assured that I wont ruin it for you.

Im a HUGE Harry Potter fan, since before the whole movie hype, I’ve read all the books and I can truly say that JK Rowling is one of the greatest geniuses of all time. Oh, what I would give to be able to have her mind if only for a moment.

So back to the review, the first thing that really struck me was the 3D effect. I’ve been to a lot of 3D movies A LOT, but I’ve never seen one where the 3D looks so good! Its like they designed the whole movie to fit the 3D instead of the other way around.

As for the movie itself, the biggest change from the previous movies is that this one is a lot gloomier and serious, there aren’t much jokes or silly moments, its like the stories grew up with time and this is the older more mature version. Im not saying that’s a bad thing, quite the contrary, its fitting to have a serious ending to such a phenomenal creation.

The movies will never be as good as the books, that much was clear from the first movie which is understandable since you can’t rival the human imagination’s ability to create new worlds, and the movies have to have shortened story lines to meet the time requirements. I just wish they made the movie longer instead of cutting out so many important parts.

In the end, the movie is a MUST watch for both die hard Harry Potter book fans and casual movie goers alike.

This was truly an epic ending to an epic tale.

The Good:
- Amazing 3D.
- Great Cast.
- Action Packed Scenes.
- Hair Raising Suspense.
- Phenomenal Story.
- Epic Ending.

The Bad:
- A Bit slow at the beginning.
- Too many scenes cut from the book.