When I first saw the trailer for Grove Keeper I had high expectations. The story seemed well thought out and the graphics seemed good so as usual I clicked the download button in a second.

The point of the game is to use the magic of the Grove Keeper to protect the village from the evil villains and you do that by controlling the surrounding environment around you using magic, all while protecting your fortress (which looks suspiciously like Angry Birds). It seemed like a solid idea.

Sadly, what I got was far from what I expected. The graphics were as good as I had seen in the trailer but the most important aspect of a game was lacking. Gameplay! The controls were annoying as I would usually cover the whole screen with my hand due to the awkward positioning of the items, and even though I completed more than 10 levels, the game still felt like a tutorial it lacked any depth and I just couldnt force myself to play any longer.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone and the game had potential but they in the end they just missed the mark.

Download the iPhone version. $1.99 (0.547 KD)
Download the iPad version. $2.99 (0.823 KD)

The Good:
- Cute Graphics.
- Funny Characters.
- Creative Story.

The Bad:
- Boring Gameplay.
- Repetitive Stages.
- No Music During Gameplay.
- Frustrating Control Mechanics.