Oh yes!! I’ve imagined this thing a very long time ago, a disc changer for Xbox 360! Basically, you put all you discs in one place and you can shuffle them through a device from which you can choose a game to play instead of getting up and switching from this game to that. I know I’m lazy and I bet you thought of the same idea long ago.

The video is the latest episode of the Ben Heck Show, whose a nerd/geek/genius and trust me these 3 things are almost never together. What he does is basically hack machines and mod things, he made his home-made 3D printer and he once transferred the X,Y,A,B buttons off an xbox controller to a dance mat, meaning you can play a fighting game by jumping on a mat. The video you are about to see exposes his whole process of this genius creation.

Note: Video is in Flash format, it will not play on your iOS device.