This could be the best thing that ever happened to the App store. Forget the talent of being able to sing, this app will transform your not-so-beautiful-voice into a star’s voice. It is simple, talk and the app does the rest, there is not editing to be made. The app will generate a full song, so if you spoke only one word it will play one word along with the beat of the song.

Now for the beats, you have a selection of free ones like “double rainbow” and “bed intruder” which you must’ve seen on Youtube. Anyway, if you didn’t .. there is a group of guys and a girl who are called The Gregory Brothers and they take viral videos and they auto-tune it. Well we can do the same now with style, you can even share the songs on Facebook, Twitter or even email it. You can listen to other people’s terrible singing turned into good singing as well. All in all, the app is free and works well, get it!




Download App (Free)

The Good:
- Works!
- Amazing music.
- Sharing options are great.

The Bad:
- App design is not good.
- Viewing other creations can be a hassle.