I am addicted to this game I can’t put it down! I JUST CAN’T!

Fighting Of Sango is a game with a story which I would describe as a mix between Dynasty Warriors and Field Runners.

You have to defend your base by building up an army to take on the offensive forces in a Tower Defense style game type, all with the storyline of the Three Kingdoms of China which you would be familiar with if your a fan of Chinese history or if you play Dynasty Warriors (which is why I mentioned it earlier).

The graphics are super cute, the gameplay is intoxicating, and the levels are challenging and well designed.

The only issue I have with this gorgeous app is that even when you select “easy” mode the game still gets really hard after about 8 levels.

Bottom Line: I love this game but if you aren’t into tower defense games then DO NOT buy this because you might not like it.

Download the iPhone version. $1.99 (0.545 KD)
Download the iPad Version. $3.99 (1.093 KD)

The Good:
- Cute Graphics.
- Funny Characters.
- Addictive Gameplay.
- Fair Price.

The Bad:
- The Game Gets Really Hard.