Kids in Mind is a beautiful website that has an alternative rating system for movies. There are already ratings for movies but some parents could be sensitive to some words or scenes and this website lists everything in detail.

This website is extremely useful for countries without a rating system, I still don’t see why some people decide to bring an infant on a late night movie that happens to have swords in them, and last time I checked people don’t chop vegetables with swords, you can imagine where this is going. Back to the website, the rating is divided into 3 types, adult content, violence and profanity and each lists in detail the scenes.

Here’s an example from Transformers: Dark of the moon:
“Robots appear in a city, people scream and run as the robots shoot bursts of fire and guns at them, the robots smash into cars and trucks on the street, and two robots wrestle and smash into one another; a robot ship fires a blast of fire at a man standing on a street, the man is pushed back from the force as other men watch and run for safety and the man’s limp body is seen being thrown through the air (it is implied that the man died from the impact).”

Very detailed indeed, but this website is for parents, so expect to have spoilers unless you don’t plan on going to see the movie.
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