Are these goosebumps I see before me? if not, you probably did not have a childhood! just kidding. Soreike! Anpanman or in other words GO! Anpanman (Al-ragheef al ajeeb in Arabic) is one of my favorite anime cartoons I watched as a child.

The concept and the whole idea is ridiculous and serious at the same time. It is about super heros that are made out of bread, they save others by giving bread and if they need to recharge, no problem their chef will bake them new heads made out of bread. They look very cartoon-ably edible!

It was funny and adventurous, the thing I did not know is that the show is so old, so old as 1988 and amazingly they are still making new episodes till this day! That is 1,065 episodes having bread characters defending a town from evil forces, I just love the Japanese, they come with the funniest things ever. Anyway, as I just I loved watching the show in Arabic, I never got to see it in its original form.


This is the Arabic version, for some reason they no longer dub the new episodes, the new generation loves well, just “different” stuff ;p

Here’s a recent episode from the Japanese version:

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