Chuknum Exclusive! If you live in Kuwait then I’m sure you’ve heard of the skyrocketing crime rate involving mysterious robbers targeting high end shops and households during the summer when most of the locals are traveling on summer vacation.

According to our source, local officials have apprehended ten suspects so far that were involved in the crimes with an estimated $20 million in stolen goods.

Supposedly, the criminals are of mixed nationalities some of which are Arab but mostly Armanian, and at least one woman was involved in the crimes. From what we know, they were all working in neighboring Gulf countries but traveled to Kuwait in the summer to take advantage of the fact that many Kuwaitis travel to escape the heat during this time.

Hopefully, we can all rest a bit easier now that they are in custody but we still don’t know if they are actually the “Summer Villians” that have been on a crime spree lately.