You definitely know about the virual video Nyan cat and probably found it annoying and still watch it. I don’t exactly know why, but it is clever, its weird and funny and quick. Though quick some people made a 6 hour version that keeps looping till your ear drums commit suicide. The video was actually made first as a looping gif image by Chris Torres which was later mashed up with sound by youtube user saraj00n and the video has almost 24 million views as of today.

There are countless other variations of it and even mobile games, iOS has the official one and several others. Check it out.

Anyway, you are probably already confused and don’t know what people think of this. Here’s another episode of Kids react and this time you get to see their funny reactions to the video when they see it.

And here’s a wallpaper created by Phkoopz: (click to enlarge).