I was ecstatic when I saw the game Swords & Soldiers on the App Store as App Of The Week. I love games with great graphics and this game had exactly what I was looking for, so being the App addict that I am, I quickly clicked the download button and waited in excitement. Yes, I am a dork thank you very much.

As I expected the graphics were excellent and the storyline was just as good offering a very creative and humorous adventure so it was clear from the beginning that Swords & Soldiers was a great game. It’s a 2D side scrolling action-strategy game where you swipe, poke and tap to command an army to victory.

You play as the commander of one of three powerful nations, an army of Vikings in their quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, the Aztecs in defense of the Holy Pepper, or the Chinese with their explosive toys!

However, the game does have some disappointments. During the beginning of the game the strategy game was less strategy and more button mashing which I suppose is understandable since part of the learning process is only having a limited variation of forces when you start. But as the story grew more elaborate and the troops increased there was still the feeling of the game being a bit on the repetitive side.

I dont regret buying the game at all and the graphics and storyline alone are enough to keep playing but I have to say that if you aren’t interested in strategy games then this might not be the game for you.

Download for iPhone ($2.99)
Download for iPad ($4.99)

The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Funny Storyline.
- Hilarious Characters.
- Fair Price.

The Bad:
- A Bit Repetitive.