Save our Sheep is a tower defense game where you are a son of a farmer trying to defend your daddy’s ranch and his sheep. The enemies are wolves that come in packs and are varied, some are faster than the other and some wearing American football clothing! The objective is simple, flick your finger from top to bottom on a wolf then once from bottom to top to launch it in the air.

The game gives you a set of power-ups like inflating wolves, using TNTS, turrets and so on and so forth. The tower defense genre has been exhausted lately with minor change. This game features beautiful graphics and I can see why, it uses Unreal Engine and unfortunately it features unsuitable music that does not loop, as soon as the song ends you hear silence for a second then it starts all over again.

Leaving that aside, the game features only 10 levels and the first 5 are very easy. The issue with the game is that it does not really provide anything new nor refine it, it is fun for a couple of plays then it is another lonely icon sitting on your iOS device. I liked the art and the fun gameplay but to be honest it is one of these games that I only play once and perhaps never complete.

Download App ($2.99) approx. 0.830 KD

The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Good Gameplay.
- Fun Power-ups.

The Bad:
- Unsuitable Music.
- Few Levels.
- Gets boring quickly.