If your a Star Wars fan then you are going to love this.

As the executive editor of Lucasfilm Ltd. you get some privileges, which is how J. W. Rinzler got his hands on a treasure trove of archives from all 6 Star Wars films, an abundance of forgotten images and storyboards filed away long ago. So he decided to share this with the world in the new book Star Wars: The Blueprints which features gorgeous images and information about the movies including the precise, vivid, and intricate detail of the design blueprints.

The book weighs a hefty 35 pounds and is 15″ by 18″, with a compilation of over 500 illustrations and photos as an ode to the brilliant engineers, designers, and artists that took an brilliant idea and turned it into a legendary reality.

The book retails for $500 which you can order from the official site here, and only 5,000 prints in English will be available for purchase with each numbered by hand, this is a collectable item no Star Wars fans should be without.