If there were supermodels in the world of cars this one would be a Victoria’s Secret top model.

I was blown away by this car when I first saw an images of it a while back, and now its back with a whole lot of new pictures for you to stare at (including some images of the car in Dubai), and its going to be featured in the New Mission Impossible movie.

We’ve already posted about the trailer for the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol movie which you can check out here, and in the video is this gorgeous car making its film debut.

What is this sexy car you may ask?

Well its the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept and it is the future personified into reality for us mere mortals to behold.

The car is gorgeous without a doubt, and in a competitive market where concepts are popping up by the second its rare to find one that stands as much as this one does.

If you speak car lingo heres what BMW had to say:

“the 2+2 seater hybrid concept is the precursor to BMW’s future flagship sedan, the i8. With a drag-coefficient of only 0.22 and at only 4 feet in height, the Vision EfficientDynamics is a study of conjunction between efficiency and speed. Its hybrid powerplant, with a remarkable 75.1 miles per gallon fuel efficiency, is able to churn out 328 horsepower. Its largely thank to the 3-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine with synchronous electrical motor on front wheels, along with a full hybrid on the rear wheels.”

Um, ya Im sure if I understood what that meant I would be impressed. Anyways, here are some pics for you to enjoy.