Im not the type that gets interested in a new show easily, I happen to have what some have quoted as “the attention span of a goldfish”, so to get me interested in a show, it has to be something special.

Thats where Suits comes in. Its a new show with only a few episodes so far but its definitely got promise. To sum it up, the show is about a big time corporate lawyer who is forced to hire a new recruit and ends up hiring the only guy that impresses him, a drop out, screw up, genius who doesn’t even have a law degree. The storyline continues with a great plot that has a lot of unexpected turns.

The show offers a fresh take on the classic legal story lines and is the perfect blend between suspense and humor. The cast fit their characters perfectly and they play their roles well.

The show is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. If your interested you can buy the episodes from itunes here.