I love Japan and love Samurai and this movie is just it and is so good in so many levels. This movie is about revenge, the sort that requires sacrifice for the good cause. Anyway, there is a clan led my a lord who is spoiled and chopping people into pieces is his cup of tea and 13 assassins as assigned to kill that man. At first the movie was slow because we get to see who are the 13 assassins and how they’re going to carry out such a mission. I was not overly impressed at first as the movie was kept at a slow pace for a very long time until things change.

You’ll have about an of blood bath scenes that keep going and going where your mind wont be able to comprehend it but still want to see more. This movie is brutal and very raw, I love Japanese movies because its very natural and don’t require the “KaBoooOoOm” to keep you at the edge of your seat. Besides, there isn’t much not to be liked about the movie except for a little scene where they had cg elements that looked really out of place, but that alone does not disturb the great movie that it is. All in all, love the Japanese culture and non-stop raw pounding action? then this movie is it, be sure to watch it in Japanese (with subtitles), there is nothing uglier to see lip-synching on foreign movies.

The Good:
- Great acting.
- Amazing Samurai action.
- Great story.
- Raw and Brutal.

The Bad:
- Weak CG elements.
- Slow at the beginning.