I love it when developers explore new ways of creating games that don’t always have to be a first-person shooter and competing and copying one another. Developed by “Thatgamecompany” exclusively for the PS3, this game is wondrous and as its name implies it is a journey. In the game you play as a character with one task, travel the desert and reach the mountain of light.

Of course we don’t know what that is but the game features really simple mechanics, stripped down from all the complications of button mashing and toned down to walking and gliding. Of course that in concept is boring but once you see how the game plays it is intriguing to see what falls behind that mountain. Watch the trailer first then watch the video below which walks you through this gorgeous looking game. I’m not sure whether I’d like it or not, but I’d buy it for this anime-like visuals, it also makes me wonder, what if Assassin’s creed had similar graphics.