In the war of consoles I am a loyal Xbox minion, however, Playstation does have its perks and we have a love-hate relationship, its complicated. So I was a bit intrigued when these rumors started popping up about Playstation 4, yes I said 4.

So heres whats happening. Apparently a “top developer” for Sony claims that the PlayStation 4 will be unveiled in 2012, and released at a later date. Sony hasn’t denied these rumors, in fact, Sony already stated that they don’t plan to change much of the graphics of the PS4, but to make gaming more accessible to a wider audience. If this is actually true, then there isn’t much development needed for the PS4.

They already have made a PS3 console to release this year for Japan that uses less power, which would be a great addition to the PlayStation 4. Then they could simply add some PS Move technology, maybe a little bit of the PS Vita newest additions…. and voila viva la PS4.

Personally I doubt they would release a new console so soon especially since the PS3 already has more graphic capabilities than that being used by the games today, so an upgrade would be useless. Its like getting your grandmother a Ferrari then after a few years deciding to get her a Buggati as an upgrade (even though her top speed is 30 mph).

And since I love you guys so much I decided to scour the internet in search of different prototypes created by various artists depicting what they think the PS4 will look like.

Update: There was an issue with the images not appearing the way they should on the ipad and iphone but the issue has been fixed.