Finger Balance lets you virtually balance a ball using a stick and your two thumbs. You hold the phone in landscape position and you tilt your thumbs to direct the ball to the destination. It sure sounds great but I was not satisfied for a few reasons.

The main reason is that the thumbs take too much out of the screen and I believe this game is only suitable for an iPad and it would make an amazing game, unfortunately it is iPhone-only. Despite me having large thumbs, the art is cluttered in the middle of the screen leaving no space for creativity along with an average artistic style. I’d suggest they make one for the iPad which I see more fitting.

All in all, check out the free version and I think it will help you decide whether to get it or not.



Download App ($0.99) approx. 0.270 KD
Download Free Version

The Good:
- Great Gameplay.
- Interesting Puzzles.

The Bad:
- Too small.
- Not enough variety.
- Art style isn’t great.
- Cluttered.