As soon as I saw Blue’s post about عدنان و لينا (Future Boy Conan). I had to post my own version about my childhood addiction the one and only الرجل الحديدي (Roughly translated in english it means “Steel Man”) which was a Japanese cartoon that was dubbed in Arabic.

I recently found out that the original name was Dinosaur War Izenborg (so how did we come up with الرجل الحديدي?) and it was a produced by Tsuburaya Productions. God I love the Japanese!

The show was a mix between animation and suitmation (yes thats a word you can check it on Wikipedia). And it featured the best episodes with daring villains and amazing heros. Thats the true golden age of animation and I could watch it and still be interested even 20 years later.

Listening to this song brings back so many memories.

I remember every time the song would come on I would drag the pillows into a pile on the floor, stand at the opposite side of the room, and run as fast as my little legs would take me then jump head first with a “superman” like pose in the air into the pile of pillows. At least that was the plan, for some reason I would always miscalculate the distance from the pillows and end up on the marble floor. Yet, I would still get up and do the same thing over again. Ah, the idiocy that is childhood, good times, good times.