Black Powder is a game developed by Aptual Ltd. and it is a simple survival game. Basically, you take control of 3 canons in defense of a castle from the English fleet of ships. Ships approach from the left and carry on to the right side of the screen, as you progress more ships appear and it gets harder to target them.

The gameplay itself in concept form is fun but falls short due to its unsuitable control mechanic, you place your finger on the screen and slide it away from the cannon to create a cross-hair, much like a sling shot, it takes precision and with a fast past survival game that become almost unusable. There is only one level in the game with a night and day shift supported with cute and soft graphics that suit the mood of the game.

You get to score more when you actually survive more time without getting your cannons and castle destroyed. To keep the game going there are a few more features to the game such as upgrading and repairing cannons, as the attacking ships sometimes decide to shoot directly at you. All in all, the reply-value of the game is very low and I really hope they find an alternative for the control scheme. Check out the video below, they launch a bird through a cannon, hmmm I wonder what they’re trying to say.

Download App ($0.99) approx. 0.270 KD
Download Free version

The Good:
- Nice Graphics.
- Interesting Concept.

The Bad:
- Control scheme isn’t very responsive.
- No in game music.
- Repetitive.