The Zoorgs have invaded space and time as we know it and its up to you to fix the anomalies that ensue! Basically its a fancy way of saying find the stuff on the screen before the timer runs out.

The game is highly addictive the best way I can describe it is that its like this generations version of Wheres Wally. God I miss Where’s Wally! *ahem* back to the review.

The app was made by a company called Ivanovich, you can read more about them on the Time Geeks website, and best of all its free!

The game has gorgeous pixel graphics that make you want to play for hours just to see all the details in the levels, and the vibrant colors make you feel like you could walk into the richly illustrated environments. There are so many things to discover, from storm troopers to mayan tribes, even Grandizer makes an appearance!

The game is in my opinion an essential app for your gaming arsenal, though it may get a bit repeditive at times it still offers hours and hours of addictive gameplay, especially when your joined by a friend.

Time Geeks is a game thats so good it makes you want to live in a pixel world!

Download iPhone Version. (Free)
Download iPad Version. (Free)

The Good:
- Gorgeous Graphics.
- Addictive Gameplay.
- Lots of Game Modes.
- Fun Editor Mode.
- It’s Free.

The Bad:
– A bit repetitive at times.