This has to be the coolest clock that Ichavez ever come across. Everything from its minimalist design with sharp edges to its beautiful display of words rather than numbers is both really cool and more informative than ever. This beautiful work of art was designed by Biegert & Funk in 2 forms, either a wall clock or a desk alarm, but they are both same in terms of the overall look except for the thickness which is rather thicker on the desk version. And if that wasnt cool enough, the clock lettering is LED back lit and I think that is really cool even when lights are out, you’ll have the time spelled for you.

Since this is a high end clock, they have many colors and many languages as well, they actually have one in Arabic!. However, I have to turn this down as the prices are way too expensive. The price range is somewhere between $570 up to $1,280 ( approx. 157- 352KD ), thats a lot. In case you are interested you can check out their store.

Making of video: