Google has been very busy lately, we’ve already talked about the new search features but Google just took it a step further. According to the Google blog (yes they have a blog), Google just released Google + (pronounced Google Plus) a social media network that is set to rival Facebook. Personally Im not a fan of the name but the concept behind it seems solid. They basically took all the best aspects of Facebook and fixed the flaws while adding a bit of Google flare to it.

I liked the concept of “circles” where you basically create specific groups for specific tasks. While the concept isn’t new, it is unique to the world of social media and a welcome change. I’m not so sure how well concept is going to work especially after the Google Buzz flop but it might not go so well. Not because Facebook is better (which I doubt) but because people are creatures of habit and if they already have a Facebook account with all their friends its going to be hard to switch to another social media network simply because of the inconvenience.

Though they didn’t directly say anything about taking Facebook head on they did mention fixing a lot of their “flaws” so the rivalry was implied more than a straight out declaration of war. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Google + is currently available by invite only but I think it wont be long before everyone gets an invite in their mailboxes.