I remember watching the first Transformers movie and being blown away, I loved every minute of it. The only problem is when the movie was over and I got to my car I kept staring at it like “why cant you transform too dammit?”. Im a huge fan of the Transformers movies, the special effects are spectacular, the storyline is captivating, and best of all its one of the rare movies where the sequel is as good as the original. Or so I thought.

Let me start off by saying that I wont add any spoilers in this review so relax, I love you too much to do that to you. Now for the review. Admittedly I went in with very high expectations which is part of the reason why I was so disappointed, the other part was because the movie was disappointing in itself. First of all the movie was REALLY long (2 hr 37 min), which I wouldn’t mind normally except for the fact that it felt like they didn’t know what to do with the time they had. If you fall asleep during the first half of the movie I wouldn’t blame you its just made up of a dragged out story line.

The fact that Megan Fox wasn’t in the movie felt weird, Im a woman and even I was bothered by that, though my issues were with the fact that it made the storyline awkward, and I’m sure the men were disappointed too though for completely different reasons. The new actress didn’t fit the part either, the way they just thew her into the story didn’t make sense and she seemed like more of a model than an actress.

The second half the movie was quite different though, thats when the story picked up and we got scene after scene of hair-raising action. The special effects were spectacular to say the least but one issue I had was with the newly designed Autobots who looked weird with their fiber optic blue hair. Who came up with that?

Im not saying that you shouldn’t watch the movie, just don’t go with huge expectations unless you like being disappointed. It’s an OK movie worth going to if your a transformers fan even if just to satisfy your curiosity.

The Good:
- Spectacular Special Effects
- Hair-Rasing Action Scenes
- Great Cast

The Bad:
- Dragged out Storyline
- Very Slow First Half
- Awkward Implementation of New Cast
- Childish New Autobot Design
- Not as Good as Previous Movies