A while ago I posted about Vinage Candy Bars, well today I continue along the same lines with another rant about how the old days were better, (I wasn’t even born at the time I don’t know why Im complaining).

I still cant help but wish that the modern day marketing gurus would learn a bit from our predecessors and their ability to create packaging with more life to it and originality (think gorgeous natural beauty as apposed to carbon copy plastic surgery). Even the general association that goes with the packaging has changed. Nowadays, when I look at cereal boxes all I see are additives, preservatives, and artificial coloring. But the vintage packaging really reminds me of the old ads and how they used to promote happy families and wholesome breakfasts with lots of vitamins instead of the modern day “cool kid” image.

Even my favorite cereal character of all time looks better FROSTY, “theeeeeeeeeey’re great!”.