I watched the trailer of this movie some time ago and I was was intrigued to see it as it looked really interesting. To start off, this is a thrilling romantic genre, an unlikely love story that becomes great for the couple but bad for the rest. Be sure I wont spoil anything to you, the movie’s story is about a Bureau that live among us making sure things go according to plan, they make sure you spill coffee so that you buy new pants, sort of speak.

Then comes Matt Damon playing the role of a politician falling in love with a stranger and this is where the bureau interferes and not allow him to be with her. The movie started off a bit interesting then got a little not so and then picked up yet all that didn’t really serve the movie’s great concept well. It kind of feels like a pilot of a show, sure there must be missing bits and pieces to complete the puzzling story but the movie just felt empty at times.

With such a strong story, I think the movie could have benefited from it and risen the scale a bit, not an armageddon of course but something that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Towards the end, the movie seemed like its in a hurry and from there it left a not-so-good impression on me. Letting that aside, the movie features realistic visual effects that are kept minimum and that suits the movie perfectly. To me the movie was good, it is as if you’re about to sneeze and feel relived until something stops it yet you still want to sneeze, the movie’s ending did not serve the originality of the movie in my opinion. As confusing as my words, I’d recommend watching the movie for its great concept, but you will be let down at the end.

The Good:
- Great Acting.
- Interesting Concept.
- Good Visual Effects.
- Good Story.

The Bad
- Ending was unsuitable.
- Pace is slow.
- Over too soon.