Case-mate are one of the most popular mobile phones case makers at the moment, your case is probably from case-mate because they have a good design and are affordable.

This time around, they collaborated with a French industrial designer called Eric Arlen to design them 4 sets of new cases that are very cool and in many very unique. For one they are very artistic and second, some of them are customizable. I don’t generally like cases because they make my phone bulky and I’d rather focus on the screen rather than admire the phone’s behind. Fortunately, this is not the case with these cases = )
Facet: ($24.99) approx. 6.850 KD
I dedicate this to “Green” whose in love with anything sharp. This is a very unique design, very sharp and I love how the camera is exposed, instead of the usual circle that is hard to clean off smudges and dust.

Stacks: ($34.99) approx. 9.600 KD
This one is really unique, not onyly it is playful on colors, you can stack the cover any way you want to match your style.

Quartet: ($34.99) approx. 9.600 KD
Similar to stacks, you can combine 4 pieces to suit your personality.

Egg: ($24.99) approx. 6.850 KD
While not very eggy, this one is designed for comfort using a very unique texture. This is my least favorite though.