Though this has been out for quite a while, I just got the chance to see it and here’s my review. I have watched the first movie and loved every bit of it and like many, a sequel is always something I prefer to avoid, but this movie exceeded my expectations and I believe it sets a standard for all sequels from the same or a similar genre.

Instead of taking the same title and throwing a number 2, Dreamworks truly made an amazing job in the writing and on the overall look of the movie which I believe is improved over the first, add to that 3D, though I always dislike it, this movie does it right. The 3D looked right because the movie was built to for it, a lot of movies just slap 3D in post-production and that never works. Back to our lovely panda, I just love this movie, it is made for every age, literally for everyone. A lot of cliches exist but they are there because they make up such movie, just like having an intro and credits, it just has to be there and it is implemented beautifully.

The setting and action taking place is really cool and funny followed by an amazing cast of characters which depict action, drama and humor all at the same time. I loved the character design in the movie yet was a little put off of some repetition among villagers that looked all the same. Anyway, in this movie we get to know more about the panda and relive yet another engaging action packed adventure. Without giving away too much, the story was just right, it made sense and is tied to the first, as I said the movie is written beautifully and was executed beautifully. Aside from story, we have the art department and I think that alone is worth watching the movie for, it is just amazing from the amount of detail of a stick to amazing fireworks that just look too good. The animations were amazing as well as you see the belly of the panda swing as he moves and it just feels like Inception only art is within art within art and it’s endless. All in all, go watch the movie.

The Good:
- Good use of 3D.
- Amazing Art.
- Good Story.
- Strong Cast.
- Great Character design.

The Bad:
- Repetition in some characters.