Kona’s Crate is a physics based puzzle game that will have you either hooked or drive you mad. This is one of those games that is either too good for some and too frustrating for others. The game’s story is simple, you carry a box using a platform hovered by two thrusts to your destination, which happens to be a tribal man. It is simple in concept but, the controls is what the whole game is about, you have 2 buttons, one for each thrust, you lift the box, balance it, avoid obstacles and deliver it to mr. tribal.

The physics works great and the art looks great, although I do believe the backgrounds are too open and are in 3D which I find not necessary, a simple 2D painted backgrounds would have done the job. Though fun, the learning curve is really high, the game is based merely on trial and error and at least in my case, I had more error than success which ended me up being mad.

The issue is that the game is hard to control, I suggest swapping the controls from the menu; however, it does get easiar but levels get tighter with the addition of avoiding TNTs and having to collect stars as a tempting option. All this can very hard since the thrust has one speed, just too fast so you’d have to keep tapping to adjust the speed. Much like the Angry birds system, you receive a rating up to 3 stars depending on how fast you complete the level, adding an extra slice of tough to the equation. All in all, this game is fun and if you’re looking for some serious challenge, this is your game.

Download iPad App ($0.99) approx. 0.270KD
Download iPhone App ($0.99) approx. 0.270KD
note: they are not cross-platform, each is purchased alone.

The Good:
- Good Graphics.
- Amazing Physics.
- Great Mechanics.
- Suitable Music.

The Bad:
- Very Frustrating.
- Too much trial and error.
- Open 3D bgs distract the artistic style.